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Endless Endeavour...

Star Citizen & Dual Universe 

Exploring, investigating, conquering, trading and creating in both universes. 

Call us explorers, adventurers, builders, engineers, miners, scientists and above all dreamers.

Please: connect ingame, this site is slowly pogressing into a collection of helpfull information, tools and screenshots.


some points of interest while i get the site designed and up & running

Star Citizen

In Star Citizen we exist as Digerati.
we are a religion and people are free to join. We have a military background and ranks. Think of us as Jedi. We investigate the universe. 


Venture forth, adventure and live.
Explore, to learn. 
Investigate, to discover.
Research, to uncover.
Teach, to improve.

Dual Universe

Dual universe gives us the tools, we shall build and create. The universe is vast and exploration is needed. Learn, tech and inform.


My ingame name in both worlds is Tec. Feel free to contact me any time ingame.


We have a dedicated Discord channel
Join but be aware that you will be kicked when you leave the server. Unless... you become a member.
The discord is just a connection hub. We have separate channels for Star Citizen and Dual Universe.


Rules are simple. behave like a normal bieng, Keep it civilised. If you think that drama is needed go watch dynasty. or friends or whatever...  read the full list here.

Digerati Core Members

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