Digerati: people with expertise or professional involvement in information technology.

IT, INTERNET (https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/digerati)
people who understand computer technology and the internet and are able to use them confidently:
The global digerati are a westernised elite, at home anywhere in the English-speaking world.
(Definition of the digerati from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

Hello and Welcome,  i am Rear Admiral Tupok, (UEE Citizen Record #215193)
and i run business within the Digerati

Digerati is a group (ingame a 'faith' not an org or corporation) of gamers who like to play in a cooperative way. 
We are not zealots, we are no powermongers. The idea behind the Digerati is sharing knowledge and profit from that knowledge. 

Under our members we have Tec - UEE Citizen Record #146882 as main contact. Contact him at TEC at DIGERATI.SC 

Star Citizen - Leader of the Digerati

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